Archive of Al-Bustan E-News Announcements

Sept 2014: Another Wiliam Penn Grant! + Register for Music Ensembles + Sept Events

July 2014: Recap of Summer Programs + Help Our Garden Grow! + Al-Bustan Receives Pew Grant

June 2014: Summer Camp Resident Artist Joan Baz + Al-Bustan Funds

May 2014: Latin & Arab Music + Series at The Porch + Professional Development Course

March-April 2014: Summer Camp + Concert Series + Professional Development for Educators

Feb 2014: 2014 Concert Series: Season Subscriptions

Jan 2014: Announcing Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art Grant

Jan 2014: Arab Music Enemble Classes + Temple Perf + Concert Series + Camp

Jan 2014: Announcing William Penn Foundation Grant

December 2013: Highlights of 2013 + Matching Challenge

October 2013: Jason Vieaux Concert + Palestine Events + School Programs + New Staff

October 2013: Arab Music Concert Series: Music & Poetry Inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca

Sept 2013: Attend and Support Arab Music Concert Series + Percussion Method Booklet

Sept 2013: Music Ensemble Classes + Concert Series Fall 2013 + Summer Highlights

June 2013: Donating for Camp Scholarships

May 2013: Announcements about Camp + NY Times

April 20, 2013: Invitation to Celebrate 10th Anniversary Gala with Marcel Khalife

February 2013: Roads to Damascus – Tickets on Sale

February 2013: Roads to Damascus, Teacher Workshop, Community Ensemble, and Gala with Marcel Khalife

New Year 2013 Announcements: Community Ensemble, Barnes Foundation, Executive Director Wins Leeway Foundation Award, Concert Series, Umm Kulthum Teacher Workshop, April Gala with Marcel Khalife

End of 2012: Matching Challenge Appeal

December 2012: Remembering Anthony Shadid

November 2012: Presenting Karima Skalli

November 2012 Announcements: Concert Series, Northeast and Motivation High Schools, and Community Ensemble

October 2012: Promotion for Turkish clarinetist Husnu Selendrici

September 2012: Arab Music Concert Series 2012-13: Subscriptions and Tickets on Sale

July 2012: Al-Bustan Camp and Blog Postings

April 2012: Al-Bustan Camp, Concert Series, and Marcel Khalife Tour

March 2012: Tunisian Vocalist Sonia M’Barek in NYC and Philadelphia

February 2012: Arab Music Concert Series, Saturday Classes, Al-Bustan Camp Registration Open

December 2011: Support Al-Bustan’s 10th Anniversary with Matching Gift

December 2011: Poet Suheir Hammad in December

November 2011: Arab Arts and Culture in Schools and the Community

October 2011: Arab Music Concert Series, Around Philly, and Blog

Sept/Oct 2011: Arabic and Arts, Music, and more

Sept 2011: Saturday Program, Music Ensemble, and Concert Series

July 2011: Film, Blog, Register for Camp + New Saturday Program

June 2011: Register for Music Course and Camp + News

May 2011: Departing Education Director, April 30 Concert, Al-Bustan Camp Registration, and Marcel Khalife Poster

April 2011: Survey, Al-Bustan Camp Reunion, and Concert April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011: Flutist Maron Khoury in Concert

March/April 2011 Announcements

March 31, 2011: Spoken Word and Hip-Hop Performances

March 13, 2011: Concert with Marcel Khalife

February/March 2011 Announcements

December 2010: Year-End Appeal

December 3, 2010: A Concert of Arab Music

November 2010 Announcements: Alphabet Game, WHYY, and more

October 2010 Announcements: Omar Offendum, James Zoghby, GFS, and more

Summer 2010 Announcements

May 26: Last Concert in Music Series Directed by Hanna Khoury

May 2010 Announcements

Announcing New Course on Arab Music

Al-Bustan Camp 2010

April 25: Simon Shaheen in Concert

April 2010 Announcements

March 2010 Announcements

February 2010 Announcements

January 2010 Updates

January 2010 Announcements

December 2009: Concert of Arab Music

Late November 2009

November 2009

October 2009

Late September 2009

September 2009

July 2009: Camp Video

July 2009: End of Camp

June 2009: Camp Registration

May 2009

April/May 2009

March 2009: Camp Open House & Workshops

March 2009: Naomi Shihab Nye’s Visit

February 2009

January 2009: Shaheen’s Youth Workshops and Concert

January 2009: Shaheen Concert & Reception

November 2008: Shaheen’s Teachers Workshop

November 2008